About us

Kémi Colombo is a concept which was brought to life by Charles Samarasekara in the year 2020.

With vast experience into different markets through the parent company, De Charles Trading Company, the idea of a baby brand store in Sri Lanka was discussed and contemplated over a period of time.

The need of Sri Lankan customers to have easy access to international baby brands was identified and necessary action was taken to introduce these brands to Sri Lanka through Kémi Colombo.

With a long term vision of introducing all the major baby product brands to the Sri Lankan market and allowing the customers to experience those brands, Kémi Colombo thrives offering quality products at affordable rates.

Kémi Colombo will simultaneously work along with pioneer Sri Lankan brands as well to offer a quality and a unique experience under one roof.

We look forward to enhance your shopping experience by offering the chance to experience premium brands here in Sri Lanka assuring the best quality.